Our rules are very simple but I think some of them need spelled out so here are the most important ones that MUST be followed, no exceptions, no questions, no tolerance:


1. Have fun! This is only a SIM (simulation) and not real. Understand that and enjoy yourself with others that want to have fun.

2. Show respect to your fellow enthusiasts.  Not everyone has the same skill level and as such many of us of lower skill are still learning. If you are one of the drivers that know how to set up a car to handle smooth we ask that you pass on that knowledge. Send it to me via email and I will even post it for all to see. If you know of ways to help us improve our driving ability please let us know in a respectful manner. Make suggestions, ask drivers if they would like some suggestions, whet ever it takes to be respectful and enjoyable is all we ask.

3. NO FLAMING. PERIOD. This goes with rule 2. Flaming on TeamSpeak, the in race chat window, the forums, anything of a public nature will not be acceptable behavior for this league. If you have a problem with another driver DO NOT bring it up in the public, ask that other person to go into a private environment such as a private room on TeamSpeak or via email but NEVER in public.